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Beaches to the South of Porto-Vecchio

Palombaggia North

Palombaggia Beach Corsica 1
Palombaggia is the most popular beach in Corsica and as such can get very busy in peak season.
Palombaggia Beach Corsica 2
Facilities include numerous beach bars/restaurants, watersports plus boat trips to Porto Vecchio and the Lavezzi Islands.
Palombaggia Beach Corsica 3
The fine golden sandy beach stretches for 2 km backed by pine forests and pink granite headlands.

Palombaggia South

Palombaggia Beach South Corsica 1
The southern end of Palombaggia beach, away from the beach facilities, tends to be quieter.
Palombaggia Beach South Corsica 2
Behind Palombaggia beach is a lagoon. Running next to this is a narrow road where it is possible to park.
Palombaggia Beach South Corsica 3
Safe swimming is provided by cordoned off areas and rocky reefs are good for snorkeling.


Folacca Beach Corsica 1
Folacca, also known as Tamaricciu or Tamariccio, is situated just south of Palombaggia.
Folacca Beach Corsica 2
Free parking is available on the road and the beach can be reached by 5 minutes on foot through woodland.
Folacca Beach Corsica 3
Folacca beach is smaller and quieter than its famous neighbour Palombaggia, yet no less beautiful.

Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia Beach Corsica 1
Picture postcard Santa Giulia is renowned for its pearl-white soft sands and turquoise water.
Santa Giulia Beach Corsica 2
There is a wide range of water sports on offer including water-skiing, diving and sailing.
Santa Giulia Beach Corsica 3
Santa Giulia's aquamarine sea is a match for the Caribbean and the shallow water is ideal for small children.

Beaches to the North of Porto-Vecchio

Cala Rossa

Cala Rossa Beach Corsica 1
The distinctive reddish colour of the sand and rocks account for the name of Cala Rossa beach.
Cala Rossa Beach Corsica 2
There is a sailing school at the beach and it is possible to hire windsurfers, Hobie Cats or canoes/kayaks.
Cala Rossa Beach Corsica 3
This 1 km beach is a 10 minute drive from Porto-Vecchio. On-road free parking is available behind the beach.

San Ciprianu

San Ciprianu Beach Corsica 1
The perfectly shaped crescent beach of San Ciprianu provides 1 km of sand in a beautiful location.
San Ciprianu Beach Corsica 2
San Ciprianu is surrounded by red rocks and pines and backed by a lagoon with distant mountain views.
San Ciprianu Beach Corsica 3
The sheltered location attracts numerous yachts to anchorage and there are two restaurants on the beach.


Pinarello Beach Corsica 1
Pinarello beach is located next to the small seaside hamlet and port of Pinarellu (Pinareddu).
Pinarello Beach Corsica 2
Pinarello is one of the many attractive beaches along the south east coast of Corsica.
Pinarello Beach Corsica 3
There is a good quality camp site nearby nestling in the pine forest at the southern end of the Golfe de Pinarellu.


Fautea Beach Corsica 1
Fautéa beach can be found on the Côte des Nacres (Mother of Pearl coast) towards Solenzara.
Fautea Beach Corsica 2
Fautéa actually consists of two beaches separated by a headland with a Genoese watchtower.
Fautea Beach Corsica 3
The smaller northern beach with parking and a restaurant tends to be the busier of the two.

Tarco and Favone

Tarco Beach Corsica 1
Tarco can be ideal for those looking to escape the more crowded beaches near to Porto-Vecchio.
Tarco Beach Corsica 2
Facilities are somewhat basic but there is one restaurant on the beach.
Favone Beach Corsica 1
Favone is about a 50-minute drive from Porto-Vecchio and provides a good spot for snorkeling.

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