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Col de Bavella Corsica

Col de Bavella Corsica Guide

The Col de Bavella (Pass of Bavella) is a great place to appreciate the stunning scenery of the Alta Rocca mountains and is a hive of outdoor pursuit activities.

Although the areas immediately around the main car-park do get very crowded in summer, it is not too long before you can have the beautiful wilderness to yourself as you set off on your chosen walk.


There are numerous walks from the Col de Bavella, catering for all levels of difficulty. A small Information Point at the main car park offers guidance on the options available. One popular walk is a 3-4 hour circuit from the Col de Bavella to the 'Trou de la Bombe' - an 8 metre hole in the rock, which looks like a bomb has been dropped into the mountain (translates as 'hole of the bomb'). Follow the red circles of paint along the narrow footpath that rises gently, with a short scramble up to the hole itself (note there is a vertiginous steep drop to one side of the hole). The long distance trail the GR 20 (Grande Randonnee 20) also passes though the Col de Bavella.


Rock-climbing, canyoning and 'Parc Adventure' (including Via Ferrata) are all available. Bellaventure (06 13 22 95 06), 2 km from Col de Bavella in Zonza direction, offer exciting activities in a stunningly dramatic location. The nearby Canyon de la Vacca and Canyon de la Purcaraccia are popular canyoning locations for Southern Corsica.
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Although a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, the Col de Bavella is definitely also worth a trip just to admire the sensational vistas. Do bear in mind, however, that due to its easy access from the coast it can get very busy in summer.

Lady of the Snow

By the main car-park, the serene statue of Notre-Dames-des-Neiges (Lady of the Snow) is found, marking the top of the Bavella Pass. She rises above a mound of granite stones and plaques, set eerily against the dramatic backdrop of the Aiguilles de Bavella. Parking costs 3 Euros in the main car park, and there is limited free parking along the road by the car park and restaurant (these fill up quickly, especially with coaches). Refreshments are available in the restaurant. There are a few other restaurants close by, on the road from Col de Bavella towards Solenzara.


The route from Col de Bavella to Solenzara on the east coast (an option for travelling back to/ from Porto-Vecchio) provides an incredibly scenic and dramatic drive. With mountains towering above it, interspersed with glimpses of the crystal clear Solenzara river, the road steadily winds its way down from the mountains to the coast. There are several stopping points to admire the views. You may even spot some wild boars by the roadside.


There are also several enticing rock-pools along this road - ideal places to picnic and to swim in the clear mountain waters and a great way to cool off. One popular spot is the 'Cotes des Nacres' (Mother of Pearl Coast) rock-pools, fairly close to where the Cold de Bavella-Solenzara road reaches the coast. There is a large free car park among the pines.

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