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Bonifacio Corsica 1
The visually stunning Old Town literally overhangs the Mediterranean sea some 200 ft below.
Bonifacio Corsica 2
The best way to see Bonifacio is from the sea. Boat trips leave the marina on a regular basis.
Bonifacio Corsica 3
The Old Town of Bonifacio is very compact and the narrow lanes can easily be explored in a day.


Ospedale Barrage Corsica 2
The Barrage de l'Ospedale supplies drinking water to Porto-Vecchio. A good stop on any inland day trip.
Ospedale Barrage Corsica 1
Although it is not possible to swim in the lake, the nearby Piscia di Gallo waterfall provides a good place for a dip.
Ospedale Walking Corsica 1
Located just 20 km from the bustle of Porto-Vecchio, the Ospedale Forest is a walker's paradise.


Zonza Corsica 2
At 800 m altitude, the mountain town of Zonza nestles under the jagged peaks of Aiguilles de Bavella.
Zonza Corsica 1
Zonza has some great places to sample Corsican cuisine in the restaurants around the main square.
Zonza Corsica 3
Zonza is a year round town and in winter provides a local base for skiing in the area.

Col de Bavella

Col de Bavella Corsica 1
The approach to Col de Bavella becomes increasingly dramatic as the road climbs to the pass.
Col de Bavella Corsica 4
The rugged spikes of the Aiguilles de Bavella (Bavella Needles) seen from the pass at Col de Bavella.
Col de Bavella Corsica 2
The top of the pass is marked by the statue of Notre-Dames-des-Neiges (Lady of the Snow).
Col de Bavella Corsica 3
The famous 200 km long distance trail, GR20 (Grande Randonnee 20) passes through Col de Bavella.
Rock Pools Corsica 1
At lower altitude near the coast at Solenzara numerous rock pools provide a chance to picnic and swim.
Rock Pools Corsica 2
The 'Cotes des Nacres' rock-pool is a popular stop, with parking amongst the pines.

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