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Porto-Vecchio Old Town

Porto-Vecchio Corsica Town Cours Napoleon
Visitors walking up from the marina can choose the longer gentle route and enter the Old Town
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Town Square
The restaurant and bar lined Place de la République is the main square of Porto Vecchio Old Town.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Porte Genoise
During the period of Genoan rule, the Porte Genoise (Genoese Gate) was the only entrance into the town.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Town Eglise St Jean Baptiste
The 19th century the Church of St Jean Baptiste houses a 16th century painting of the Crucifixion.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Rue Jerome Leandri
Rue Jerome Leandri is the most southerly of Porto-Vecchio's narrow cobbled streets.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Town Eglise St Jean Baptiste
Dominating the Place de la République is the Romanesque Church of Saint Jean-Baptiste
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Town View
There are panoramic views over the marina, sea and enclosing valley from the Porte Genoise gate.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Bastion de France
Troops occupied the Bastion de France in 1769 when Porto-Vecchio fell to the King of France.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Pietri Marie
Boutique shops, bars and restaurants sit side by side in Porto-Vecchio's narrow lanes.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Town Saint Croix
The restored Saint Croix Chapel can be found behind the Church of Saint Jean-Baptiste.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Town Rue Pasteur
A view down Rue Pasteur. Villas dot the coastal hillsides surrounding Porto-Vecchio.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Rue U Borgu
The restaurant terraces on Rue U Borgu have great views over the marina.

Porto-Vecchio Marina

Porto-Vecchio Corsica Town Marina
Porto-Vecchio boasts a deep natural harbour that is home to a variety of yachts and pleasure craft.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Marina 5
A favourite with the wealthy, luxury yachts are a common site in Porto-Vecchio.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Harbour
Porto-Vecchio old town (Haute Ville - High Town) is a ten-minute walk up from the marina.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Marina 3
A number of cafes and restaurants line the marina and parking can be found nearby.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Marina 6
Tickets for boat trips to places such as the Lavezzi Islands or Bonifacio can be purchased at the marina.
Porto-Vecchio Corsica Marina 4
The harbour opens out into the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, surrounded by verdant hills and sandy beaches.

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